After the Games

Please note that all information below is from the 2016 Ontario Summer Games that occured on August 11 to 14, 2016 in Mississauga. For images for the past Ontario 55+ Games please contact OSGA 55+.

A lasting legacy for Mississauga

The largest Ontario Summer Games in history have crossed the finish line, but the legacy of the 2016 Mississauga Ontario Games will be felt for decades to come. Mississauga built much more than a 4 day sporting event – the City is left with a lasting legacy that includes:

  • Showcasing seventeen of Mississauga’s versatile sport venues and its ability to host a number of competitions simultaneously. Mississauga was put on the map as a destination to consider for future multi-sport events;

  • Building new beach volleyball courts for the community. The new four-lit courts were built for the Games at Lakefront Promenade in Ward 1. They are situated on Mississauga's waterfront near existing amenities such as parks, washrooms, parking and restaurants. The courts will provide active living opportunities for local residents, and host adult volleyball leagues, recreational programming and facility rentals for tournaments.

  • Spreading the Community spirit as 560 volunteers, most of which are Mississauga residents, jumped in and helped host this event right in their own backyard. Not to mention the numerous spectators from the community that came out to watch;

  • Delivering Games that were inclusive to persons of all abilities. Mississauga showcased its commitment to accessibility hosting the Para sport of Sledge hockey. Sixteen sports were also held in fully accessible Mississauga venues;

  • Growing our relationships. To host an event of this size, the City developed, maintained and nurtured individual relationships with local and remote groups like: the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport; Tourism Toronto; the Region of Peel; neighbouring municipalities including Brampton, Caledon, Etobicoke, Innisfil, Welland and London; St. John’s Ambulance providing 101 Medical First Response volunteers; 34 provincial sport organizations; 560 community volunteers; nearly 30 businesses sponsors; and media outlets resulting in over 30 million media impressions;

  • Experiencing Mississauga’s rich arts and diverse culture community. The Opening Ceremonies showcased local artists to 6,200 live attendees and 5,500 online viewers. The medals, designed by local artist Tomas Rojcik, will hang proudly in the homes of over 2,000 recipients;

  • Supporting local athletes and officials by nurturing amateur sports. One hundred and sixty seven Mississauga athletes, coaches and officials participated during the Games. These are potential future Olympians that were able to compete with pride on hometown soil; and

  • Putting Mississauga on the map as a top tourism destination. Guests were made to feel at home with accommodations in 22 hotels, chauffeur services on 167 MiWay buses, and delectable meals to fuel their Game. Visitors left with Mississauga’s Official Tourism Guide and exclusive OSG coupons promoting sightseer gems and services across the City.

Now we pass the Summer Games torch to London, host of the 2018 Ontario Summer Games. And next Mississauga takes the torch for the 2018 Ontario 55+ Games. See you in 2018!


Opening Ceremonies

August 11, 2016 at Hershey Centre

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Flag handover to the City of London.

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Pachi the Porcupine

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