Celebration Events

Opening Ceremonies

Approximately 3,500 of Ontario's young athletes, ages 12 to 18, paraded into the Hershey Centre to cheers, applause and praise at the 2016 Ontario Summer Games (OSG) Opening Ceremonies in Mississauga on August 11, 2016. The event kicked off Ontario's largest amateur multi-sport event, featuring 34 sport competitions. The Games run from August 11 to 14 at multiple venues across Mississauga and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

In attendance at the ceremonies were:

  • The Honourable Eleanor McMahon, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport
  • Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie
  • Members of Council
  • Members of the OSG Host Committee
  • OSG athletes and families, coaches and officials
  • Sponsors

The Opening Ceremonies celebrated sports, culture and recreation while showcasing Mississauga’s civic pride and community spirit. Toronto Raptors announcer, Mark "Strizzzy" Strong co-hosted the event with Dan James, content creator and founder of The Danocracy channel on YouTube. The evening was filled with live musical performances from Canadian pop sensation Tyler Shaw, John River, Rhythm Works and a virtual youth choir.

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Ontario Summer Games 101

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On May 2, more than 2,000 Peel Region students from grades 3 to 8 joined the City in celebrating Ontario Summer Games (OSG) 101, the countdown to the Mississauga 2016 Ontario Summer Games. Hosted by YTV’s Carlos Bustamante from The Zone, the action-packed event featured a variety of live performances, music and demonstrations. The day also marked Music Monday, an annual celebration that connects youth across the country to celebrate the gift of music in our lives.

The event ignited the spirit of sport in Mississauga with:

  • a live performance by Canadian pop sensation Tyler Shaw;
  • live youth performances;
  • a sing-along to the Music Monday song We are One;
  • a DJ dance party;
  • OSG sport demonstrations (basketball to boxing); and
  • drumming station and extreme sports show.
  • a reading by the City’s new Youth Poet Laureate, Rebecca Zseder

The Games


Inaugural Poet Laureate

I am young.
Walking 12 steps behind those 12 steps ahead.
I am the maybe, almost, not quite just yet.
I am the getting there but not exactly arrived.
I am the destination and the trip.
I am young.
I make mistakes.
I am madness through mishap.
Responsibility doesn't exactly trust me yet.
I don’t exactly trust myself yet.
I don’t even know myself yet.
I think I may but that may change. It always has.
It always does.
I will grow.
Like flowers, or hearts, or imagination.
Like sunlight, I will rise.
Everyday a new dream to discover or a new aspiration.
I have wisdom…to listen to.
I am young.
Always 12 steps behind those 12 steps ahead.
I am bright and uncertain and education fed.
I have time, so they said.
But my thoughts are timeless.
Having time implies having nothing to do.
I have an entire lifetime to draw and I hold the pen and I don’t really know what to write just yet.
I am young.
I will learn from you.
But I know how to teach myself too, that is what I was born to do.
So let me create.
Bring me to the games.
Stand me between two white lines, I know how to colour in between them but rainbows were never drawn perfectly so why must I be?
Put me in the ring.
Give me gloves.
Red has always been my favourite colour, it reminds me of the fire in my soul.
I never thought in the box. I guess I can fight my way out of it now.
Bring me to the water.
Let me dive.
Let what lies before me propel what lies behind.
Let me swim into another dimension, there is so much of the water left to discover.
I guess I can be the first mermaid.
Bring me to the games.
Let me explain what kind of gladiator I am.
Let me explain what strength means to me.
Let me show them that youth doesn't make me weak.
In a world so big it is easy to feel small.
There will always be lines to stand behind, a box to be caged in, water to sink below.
But there will always be youth.
And there will always be you.
And you are a gladiator too.
We are the champions of the not yet discovered, the competitors of the not yet created, the athletes of the not yet played.
I am young.
I walk 12 steps behind those 12 steps ahead because I like to learn from mistakes.
I wont be washed away in a wake.
I am young.
I am strong.
So bring me to the games.
It is where strength belongs.

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Official Mississauga 2016 OSG Apparel

Order your apparel online until October 14, 2016.

The store in the Mississauga Community Rinks is now closed.

Pre-orders that were not picked up, and online order will be delivered to the address provided on order.

Get your official Mississauga 2016 OSG apparel at our online store!

Getting to the Games

From hotel to venue

Most participants will travel to the Games on Games transportation. This will be charter buses for most and charter aircraft for those further away. Participants have the option of making their own way to the Games, at their own expense, if this is permitted by their Provincial Sport Organization - refer to the technical package or contact the Zone Representative or Provincial Advisor for confirmation of the sport's travel rules. Participants living close to the Games community will be required to make their own way to the Games. Travel options will be selected by the Zone Representatives during the registration process.

Getting Around Mississauga

Located between Toronto and Niagara Falls, close to many of Canada’s largest tourist attractions, and less than 90 minutes from the U.S. border, Mississauga is easily accessible by air, land and water making it an ideal destination for visitors. Travelling within the city by day or night is safe—Mississauga is recognized as one of Canada’s safest communities.

Mississauga offers access to seven major highways, two principal railways and is 20 minutes from downtown Toronto. Mississauga is home to Canada’s largest Airport—Toronto Pearson International Airport. Mississauga is also easily accessible by water from one of the city’s many marinas or public docking areas.

Helpful Information

Transportation: The speed limit on Mississauga streets is 50 kilometres/hour (about 30 miles/hour) and 100 kilometres/hour (about 60 miles/hour) on highways (freeways) unless otherwise posted. Wearing seatbelts is mandatory for all adults. Children travelling in vehicles require car or booster seats.

Car rental counters are located at the airport or at locations across the city. Some suggested retailers include:

Avis (1-800-331-1212;,

Budget (1-800-268- 8900;,

Discount Car and Truck Rentals (1-888- 820-7378;,

and Hertz (1-800-263-0600;

Highway 407 is the Greater Toronto Area’s east-west toll highway. It runs 108 kilometres (approximately 67 miles) between Burlington and Pickering, north of Highway 401. There are no toll booths, but your license plate will be electronically recorded and you’ll be billed according to the distance you have travelled and the time of day of your trip.

The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) is a highway that hugs the lake between Toronto’s west end and Niagara Falls. The Gardiner Expressway picks up from the QEW, continuing east through the southern tip of downtown Toronto, and connecting with the Don Valley Parkway and Lake Shore Boulevard.

Public Transit


MiWay is Mississauga’s public transit system. Customers can choose from two types of MiWay service: MiExpress for express travel on blue buses and MiLocal for local travel on orange buses.

Plan your customized route and find schedule information with MiWay’s online trip planner

905-615-INFO (4636)

To view scheduled departure times when you’re on the move, visit  Tweet your questions or feedback to @MiWayHelps (Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Outside of Mississauga

For inter-city and inter-regional public transportation, GO Transit is the rail and bus system connecting Mississauga to Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. For GO schedules, call 1-888-GET ON GO (438-6646) or visit

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the public transit system in Toronto. Call 416-393-INFO (4636) or visit

Planning a trip in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area? Triplinx is the official trip planner and one-stop transportation information resource for the region. Triplinx will help you get where you need to go—simply enter where you’re starting from and where you want to go. Find schedule, fare, service and other information to help make travelling around the region easier. Visit or download the app from your app store.


Launched in 2015, The Union Pearson Express now offers a speedy 25-minute direct rail link to and from the airport and Toronto’s Union Station, with trains departing every 15 minutes.

Road Closure Information for Road Cycling and Triathlon Events

Friday, August 12 - Triathlon

Race begins at 10:00 am
Expect delays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Saturday, August 13 - Triathlon

Race begins at 8:00 am
Expect delays from 7:30 am to 10:30 am


  • No entry/exit into Jack Darling Park before race
  • Lakeshore Rd W – east bound lanes (south half of street) closed from entrance of Jack Darling Park to Brueckner Rhododendron Gardens (Shawnmarr Rd.). Two way traffic on west bound lanes (north side).

Saturday, August 13 - Road Cycling

Road Cycling Detour Map

Race begins at 8:00 am
Expect delays from 9:00 am to 10:30 am

Road Cycling

  • Full closure on Lakeshore Rd W from small west Parking Lot at Lakeside park to Winston Churchill
  • Closure of north traffic on Winston Churchill from Lakeshore Rd W to Royal Windsor. Southbound traffic local only.
  • Royal Windsor – south half of street closed. Two way traffic on north side. From Winston Churchill to Avonhead Rd
  • Full closure on Avonhead Rd from Royal Windsor to Lakeshore Rd W

Getting Around in Mississauga

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Things to do

There is a lot to see and do here or if you are looking for a place to stay or eat, come Discover Mississauga and make your visit truly memorable.

Special Offers

Exclusive deals for OSG athletes, coaches, officials and fans!

Check your athlete registration bag for your exclusive OSG MiniCard coupons.

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Sport Trading Cards

Follow and remember the games with this special collection! There are 32 sport cards in total.

Sport Trading Cards - be sure to trade and collect them all!

Colouring Sheets

Make the games a colourful experience. Download these sheets!

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Tips On Staying Cool On Hot Days

If you are attending outdoor events, remember to protect your health during the heat.

  • Drink lots of plain cool water before you feel thirsty.
  • Wear a wide brimmed hat, UV protective sunglasses, and loose-fitting long shirts and pants.
  • Stay in the shade whenever possible
  • For more information, visit the city’s Stay Cool website or Peel Public Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Coach or Provincial Sport Organization will give you information of a schedule of when you should arrive at the Games. Athletes flying into the Games will already have their flights confirmed.
All participants will travel from their hotel to their competitions on Games transportation. Please refer to your Provincial Sport Organization for more information.
Please ensure that you filled out the Participant Registration Form for the Games correctly. In the form there is a section on medical and allergy information.
  1. Fill out the Participant Registration Form.
  2. Help us tell the story of the Games. Talk to your Coach about contacting the local media outlets to tell them you have been selected to compete at the Ontario Summer Games.
  3. Join us on Facebook and Twitter
To ensure the safety and supervision of Ontario Summer Games athletes during travel to and from the OSG Games, teams travel together departing from, and returning to, central pick-up locations. This ensures that every athlete is supervised by an accredited adult (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, or Adult Supervisor).
No uniforms are provided by the Games. Provincial Sport Organizations may arrange for clothing to be produced for participants, please consult your coach or PSO for further information.
Sport Schedules are posted on the OSG website. Please consult your coach or PSO for a detailed schedule.

Meals will be provided by the Games starting Thursday, August 11 prior to Opening Ceremonies. Breakfast, lunches and dinners will be provided on each full day of competition. On the last day of competition for your sport, breakfast will be provided and lunch is provided as requested by the PSO.

Be sure to bring some snacks to keep you nourished in between meals. You may also wish to bring money to purchase food during the Games.

Please consult your coach or PSO for a full meal schedule being provided by the Games.

All participants are given accommodation by the Games. Participants will be rooming with other participants of the same gender. No participants are permitted to stay in a hotel with their parents.

If athletes choose to opt out of these accommodations, you will also not be provided any transportation to and from venue in. Furthermore, participants will not receive breakfast or dinner. Please talk to your Provincial Sport Organization.

Participants will check out of their hotel and take their luggage to their sporting event on the last day of their competition.
All competitions are open to the public and are free of charge. Your friends and family are welcome to come and cheer you on and see you at your sport venue. Only Games participants are permitted access to the accommodation sites, food venues, Games transportation, and special events. The Opening Ceremonies are the only ticketed event. Tickets are available for purchase through the link provided by your Provincial Sport Organization.

Sport venues are staffed by security volunteers during all scheduled practice and competition times at all Games events.

Games accommodation sites are security-controlled 24-hours per day for the protection of Games participants. Only Games participants with proper accreditation are permitted in the accommodation sites and Competition Areas.

Coaches reside in the Games accommodation with their athletes and act in a supervisory capacity.

While security and other volunteers will be available to assist participants, each individual is responsible for all of their belongings at sport venues and in Games accommodation – they should only bring what is needed and plan to keep valuables with them.

Medical volunteers will be at each sport venue during the scheduled competition and practice times and at all Games events. These volunteers, in conjunction with the Games Medical physicians, are responsible for the treatment of all Games participants. Medical Services are available on a 24-hour basis during the Games. Medical volunteers are always the first and only responders to injuries. Medical problems or injuries will be dealt with on-site, if possible. If further attention is needed, transportation to the designated medical facility will be provided. Contact will be made with the emergency contact listed on the online registration form in the event further attention is needed.
During the Games volunteer photographers will be taking competition photos, medal presentation photos, and general Games photos. Please look on Facebook, Twitter and our website at
During the Games there will merchandise available for purchase. Please stay tuned for locations.

Please consult your coach or PSO for details. Some sport competitions will begin prior to Opening Ceremonies.

For the majority of participants the first day will involve:

  • Early afternoon - check In at Accommodations location
  • Mid-afternoon – Games shuttle transport participants from accommodations to Hershey Centre.
  • Participants will receive their accreditation at registration and proceed to dinner.
  • After dinner, participants will go to a holding area to be organized for the Athlete Parade
  • At 7:00 p.m. the Opening Ceremonies will begin.
  • At 8:30 p.m. the Opening Ceremonies will end.
  • After Opening Ceremonies, participants will get a designated Games shuttle back to Accommodations.

All participants will adhere to a 10:00 p.m. quiet time and 11:00 p.m. lights out. Exceptions will be made for participants returning from late from sport competition.

The Games ask all participants to be respective of each other. Loud noise and disruptions can affect fellow participants ability to relax, recover and prepare for the next days competition.

Tickets for the Opening Ceremonies are sold out. Unfortunately there will be no additional tickets available and no tickets available at the door. The waitlist is now closed. If you are on the wait list and received confirmation of being on the wait list, you will receive confirmation of whether or not you will receive tickets by August 2, 2016.

The Hershey Centre, the Opening Ceremonies venue, accommodates 6,000 spectators. Seating priority is for the accredited athletes, coaches and managers participating in the Games. The remaining tickets sold via sale to parents and family via a link sent from the Provincial Sport Organizations and public sale via Ticketmaster. Please join us at any sport competition free of charge.